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2 FOR 1 - Toes 2 Bar & HSPU Progression

This program is designed to improve your T2B and HSPU over 2 Sessions Per Week 

Let's Do This!

Road to the Muscle Up Club!

Unlock Muscle Ups via our unique level based training plan focused around improving 3 key areas - Push, Pull and Core


The Engine Builder

Gets comfortable been uncomfortable with our engine builder program

FREE PROGRAM - Also included in our all access plan  

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Welcome to Snatch *Two Days! 

*Formally known as Snatch Tuesday's

Want to hit a new Snatch PB?! Join us
on a weekly snatch session with GB Weightlifting Coach Josh Summersgill
as aim to hit 1 to 2 snatch sessions per week.

Let's Go!

SKIP TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH OUR: Double Under Progression

Let's take your Double Unders to the next level!

This program is designed to be done just one session per week alongside your existing training.

***** Part of our all access plan *****

Included in all access plan

Can't get to the gym? We've got you covered! 

Looking for workout ideas you can do from anywhere. No access to the gym?

Check out our series of home workouts designed to do with little or no equipment. 

Exclusively part of the All Access Plan.



Looking for dumbbell workout ideas, check out this selection of 30 challenging dumbbell workouts.

Exclusively part of our all access plan  

Included in all access plan

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  • Kris I - Emergency Services

    "Followed this program to try increase my max t2b volume. Really enjoyed sessions and hit some new PB's at the end" 

  • James S - Self Employed

    "HSPU has always been a weakness of mine until I joined the early bird program. Now I no longer hate seeing these in a workout!" 

  • Rachael F - Professional

    "I have been part of the 'early access' members on the MU program and have made great progress so far."